About You:

You are a business person or an entrepreneur, always working to improve your business or looking for new ideas to help you increase your business and bottom line.

You would like to be able to take advantage of opportunities that come up, but needed capital for that particular type of opportunity may not be available.  Getting funding for those opportunities is the key to more profit.

Too often we get hung up on interest rate, and other details, instead of looking at the bottom line. If you want to make $15,000 after expenses, for example, but the interest is 15% you may forget your goal of $15,000 and forego the deal.  But if you weren’t able to get the funds anywhere for a lower interest rate – how much did you want/need that $15,000?

Like most business managers/owners your time is stretched in many directions so you don’t always have the time to check out the many possibilities that are available in the financial and marketing area. That’s where the help from professionals comes in, helping you with the knowledge of what is available for your situation.

These two areas, of course, are very important to running and growing any business.  And, you want products that perform and give you the best return on your investment.

We would like the opportunity to help you in the fields of finance and marketing.  We have several options available in both.  We strongly believe that if a product doesn’t fit the need then it should not be considered, and you must get results that are positive and productive.

Your time is very important so just drop us a quick e-mail: rgb@acquiringbusinesscapital.com or use the Contact Us form to start the process of working with you to grow your business.  Just tell us briefly what you are looking for and we will get back to you.


Thanks and have a great day

Ron & Marilynne Bowe

P.S.  I have run a small business for over 40 years, so I know many of the problems you can face in running your business.