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Dear Business Owner:

Marketing and Capital are two of the main necessities to continue in, and grow, a business.  I have built three businesses over the past 40 years and know the challenges these necessities bring:

Always Ready Services (providing janitorial, maintenance, and breakroom supplies to businesses),

What’s Available (centralized Wisconsin websites broken down by county for marketing), and

Acquiring Business Capital (giving businesses access to non-bank lenders for loans up to $500M and all kinds of capital needs) provide much needed help with marketing AND finance to businesses of all kinds and sizes – even start-ups!

What’s Available   (Marketing)

With each county website there is a general directory with subcategories that viewers can search to find businesses that can address their needs.   There is no limit on the number of listings in the general directory.  In addition, there are 12 premium listings available for each county that are visible on each page of that county’s website giving that business unlimited marketing exposure to the website’s visitors.   Premium listings also get a bonus mailing within their county. We do the listings with your input and they can be changed as needed to be kept current and up-to-date.     Our database contains a little over 20,000 Wisconsin businesses and it keeps growing!

Acquiring Business Capital  (Finance)

We’ve worked with companies needing as little as $65,000 and as much $17,000,000.  We can help with equipment purchasing/leasing, expansion needs; anything a business could need capital-wise.  We work with lenders nationwide who work with different kinds of businesses from real estate development to medical, farming, manufacturing, trucking, and everything in between.  We work hard to get you the best loan to fit your needs.

Our goal is to help you grow your business and make your work load a little easier.  If you would like to discuss either your marketing or finance – or both – we would love to talk to you!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to helping you.

Ron and Marilynne Bowe

What’s Available

Acquiring Business Capital

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