Consumer Finance

Offer Customers a Choice

Today’s consumers don’t always have large sums of cash to make more expensive purchases. At Acquiring Business Capital, we offer consumer finance options that are tailored for your company to give your customers more purchasing options. We want to make it easy for your business to grow and serve the community without adding to your staffing needs. We’ve worked with many different industries, including, medical and dental, education, furniture, and travel. Discuss your business with our team to see how easy it is to get started giving your customers more power.

Benefits of Providing Consumer Finance Options

  • Money in your account in as little as 48 hours
  • Instant credit processing decisions for your customers
  • E-signature capabilities
  • Stop collecting debts and taking time to after your bad debts
  • Creative programs designed to improve traffic into your business
  • Increase repeat customers and lower customer acquisition costs

Ask Our Team About Financing Options That Fit Into Your Business

Consumer finance options can easily integrate into your business model with our help. We have services that provide 24/7 support for your customers and your staff. Ask us about one of these programs to give your customers more flexibility in how they pay and to make your own invoicing procedures obsolete. Let us handle collections while you focus on your business.