Equipment Financing

Upgrade Equipment With More Financing Options

Today’s technology seems to change every day, and when you’re in business it can be difficult to keep up and buy new equipment each year. At Acquiring Business Capital, we have many different equipment financing options so that you can add equipment when your business grows. We want to make it easy to stay a leader in your industry. Equipment leasing offers many advantages. It’s environmentally friendly, and business-friendly. Discuss your needs with our financial professionals. With our portfolio of resources and products, we can keep your business moving forward.

Types of Leases on Equipment

We understand that not all businesses are the same. With our program, we have different applications for different-sized organizations. Each of our options offers competitive rates and terms, and we can provide numerous payment structures. We’ve helped startups get the equipment they need, and we worked with businesses who have B, C, or D credit. One of our best programs works with government and municipal entities. We almost guarantee approval for these organizations. For small businesses, our applications go up to $150,000, but we can finance medium and larger organizations for much larger equipment.

Benefits of Leasing

  • Quick approval process
  • Sale and lease back program available
  • Eliminate obsolete equipment
  • Preserve your credit lines
  • Low payments
  • No working capital tied up in expensive equipment
  • Accounting and tax advantages
  • It’s eco-friendly, no outdated equipment just sitting around

Contact Us Today to Find out More

Leasing is a good solution for many businesses these days. Call our certified financial professionals and discuss your equipment financing options to fully understand how leasing improves your bottom line. A line of credit may have variable rates, while leasing offers fixed payments throughout the term of the lease. You don’t have to worry about interest rates going up when you lease. Talk to us today to find out what your business qualifies for. We want you to be on the leading edge of your industry.