Merchant Cash Advance

Use Your Merchant Account for Working Capital

Businesses often go through seasonal times when they are flush with working capital and other times when the cash flow gets slim. At Acquiring Business Capital, we offer a merchant cash advance that is an alternative to a traditional loan. You take an advance against future credit card sales. It takes a very short time to get approved. The cash is deposited into your account to use the way you want. You pay it back through the merchant account, based on a percentage of sales. There are no checks to write, no concerns about a fixed payment that may be difficult to meet, and no additional debt on the books. You don’t have to worry about meeting payroll or having capital to do what your business needs.

Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance

  • No added debt load
  • No application fee
  • Payments not fixed
  • Don’t give up valuable equity
  • Easy payback conditions

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Our team of certified professionals is here to discuss your financing options. We have a large portfolio of products that will help your business grow in today’s economy. Use your money as you want. Contact us today to learn more and see what you can do with additional working capital when you need it. We want to see your business succeed.