Purchase Order Financing

Options to Get Working Capital

Accounts receivable financing is a great solution when your business deals with invoices, but if you operate with purchase orders, you may be wondering how you can find financing options. At Acquiring Business Capital, we have multiple avenues for all types of warehouses, producers, and distributors to find ways to obtain working capital when you need it.

We work with both importers and exporters. Our financial professionals can find letters of credit for all types of needs in your industry. Purchase order financing offers many advantages over traditional loans. We can help you understand how it works and fits into your business model. When you’re ready to take the next step forward in your business, ask us about financing.

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

  • No increased debt
  • No loss of equity
  • Increases your market share
  • Fulfill larger orders to make larger profits
  • Fast and flexible funding

Ask Us About Financing Options

Our certified professionals are here to help you find working capital when you need it. We have a vast portfolio of products to offer many different opportunities. Call us today and discuss your goals and objectives with one of our experienced team. We want to see your business succeed and grow. Purchase order financing may be just the solution you need to move forward with your organization.