Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Alternatives to Traditional Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial real estate offers more opportunities to make money, which is why at Acquiring Business Capital, we offer more financing options to fit your business goals. With stated income commercial real estate loans, you can use the income from the property as a method of backing a loan. If the real estate has an income, instead of putting your own credit on the line, you can get soft money through the business. We want to see your business succeed and provide financing options that fit the way you do business. Save money by consolidating debts or make property improvements to maintain your reputation in the community. Grow and expand to reach more customers.

Uses for Stated Income Loans

  • Property improvements, such as parking lot renovations or roofing repairs
  • Purchasing a property instead of paying rent
  • Consolidate debts
  • Refinance a loan to get out of a balloon payment or high interest rate
  • Working capital to take advantage of deals or cover expenses

Types of Properties We Can Finance

Stated income commercial real estate loans can finance just about any type of commercial property. The LTV depends on the type of property, but rates are competitive, fixed, and fully amortizing up to 25 years. Closing takes only about two to three weeks. The main point is that the property must raise an income itself and cover the expenses of the mortgage, taxes, and insurance. It makes sense to ask about this type of loan when you’re buying commercial real estate.

Ask Us About the Benefits of Stated Income Loans

Our professionals have a vast portfolio of financial products at the ready to help your business find the right loan that meet your goals and objectives. Call our office for more information and let us help you find the financing that fits your business. We have all types of loans available for commercial needs.